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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To All of u Who Love Old dogs and Cats and Hammies!!!!

Bless the ones that love the seniors!!!!

the title is tray's poem and its by leslie whalen!!

ONE BY ONE ... One by One, they pass by my cage, Too old, too worn, too broken, no way. Way past his time, he can't run and play. Then they shake their heads slowly and go on their way. A little old man, arthritic and sore, It seems I am not wanted anymore. I once had a home, I once had a bed, A place that was warm, and where I was fed. Now my muzzle is gray, and my eyes slowly fail. Who wants a dog so old and so frail? My family decided I didn't belong, I got in their way, my attitude was wrong. Whatever excuse they made in their head, Can't justify how they left me for dead. Now I sit in this cage, where day after day, The younger dogs get adopted away. When I had almost come to the end of my rope, You saw my face, and I finally had hope. You saw thru the gray, and the legs bent with age, And felt I still had life beyond this cage. You took me home, gave me food and a bed, And shared your own pillow with my poor tired head. We snuggle and play, and you talk to me low, You love me so dearly, you want me to know. I may have lived most of my life with another, But you outshine them with a love so much stronger. And I promise to return all the love I can give, To you, my dear person, as long as I live. I may be with you for a week, or for years, We will share many smiles, you will no doubt shed tears. And when the time comes that God deems I must leave, I know you will cry and your heart, it will grieve. And when I arrive at the Bridge, all brand new, My thoughts and my heart will still be with you. And I will brag to all who will hear, Of the person who made my last days so dear. ~ Author Unknown

b safe,


happy said...

This is such a heartwarming post. Bless the ones that love the seniors!

Maggie & Mitch said...

This is just beautiful, Lacylulu! Mom is sobbing buckets here!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Gosh that was lovely thank you for sharing it.

Have a nice day
Scrappy and Pebbles

Amber said...

What a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing it.

Amber :)

Peanut said...

Mom has decided that her next dogs will be seniors. She knows they may leave her sooner but has decided giving them good lives would be worth it. We hope your mom feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful...it made our mom cry. There's so many good dogs and cats that don't get adopted because people want a pup or a kitten...too bad because our mom says it's much easier adopting an older pet anyway and people don't know what they're missing out on.
We hope your mom is feeling better soon.

Abby & Rosie

PreciOus said...

A lovely poem! It got my sista's eyes all teary. No matter how old they are, they deserve the best love they can get.


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh wow! Lacy, that poem is amazing.

and so true.

It breaks our hearts to think of dogs, who have kind hearts but old souls, who are looked over cos they are too old.

Thank you for making my Jeannie cry............and she feels better cos I was a rescue dog so she knows she has done the right thing.

Thank you for being my friend!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxxxxxxx

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh my we just read (on another blog and we are so behind in catching up on the blogs here!) that your Mama is not well.

Please give her some healing licks from Scotland from us.

love and healing Scottish Licks, Marvin and love from Jeannie xxxxxxxxx

Asta said...

That poem is so touching and made us leak all ovew the pootew...bless the hoomans who can see past the obvious and see the love and soul in a dog
thank you fow that
smoochie kisses

Amber-Mae said...

Wooow, sad but bootiful post! Made me & my mommy tear up...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Hammer said...

Dear Lacylulu
My mum's heart goes out to all the animals and the older they become, the more precious they become. I've only been with my mum 1 year and I'm almost 7yo and Rose has been with my mum 1 1/2 years and she's almost 9yo. Mum also rescues horses. She wishes she had lots of money so she could care for more animals but she has always, and will always, own more animals than she can afford, but we are her life. She says we give her much more than she can ever possibly give to us coz she is just only a hooman.
Love from Hammer

TH said...

That´s a beautiful poem, Lacylulu!
Thanks for sharing to us.

Lots of licks