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This bloggy is watched over by an angel...angel lacylulu, we love u soooo much, u brought so much joy into our lives...we will miss u always....This blog is now dedicated to her memory!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Laska iz home....

weeeeeeeeeeee did it, Laska iz hommmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i sooo happy!!!! Check Khyra'sbloggie...

b safe,

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bringing Laska Home and a Howl for my friend, Dakota!!!


Piksuring Laska, in his gold glow, showing the way home...They are searching for u, help them find u...

Howling for my friend Dakota!!!! and all our angels we have lost....With our angels help, Laska will b found safe!!!

The last 45 seconds is of big cats...but the mournfull howl is the reasoon we posted this one....

Friday, June 26, 2009


Woofs all,

Our communtity has been devasted this week...sooo much sadness..we want to try to cheer u all up, sooooo, we will tell u about contest thats going on now....Ike iz having a summertime contest..check his bloggie for details..The Four Musteteers are running a Mr. Dog/Miss Beauty contest..check their bloggie for details...These two end soon, so hurry ...andEduardo is having a Funniest War Ever contest for his employees...Norwood is having a guess the faces contest..(think we know 2 of those)...Check it out!!! Remeber our friends that need our love and support...Check Mango and Dexter's bloggie, they nos sum more contests that going around...Heehee u not haff to look at Pee-Wees poop...

b safe,
~rocky and mama~

pps, i keep forgetting that a lot of u dont have the news thingy on ur bloggies...so when i post something there, i will try to remember to post it here tooo...also when u do check the news thingy, scroll down cause we are always adding something new and we dont want u to miss anything...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More support is needed!!

UPDATED Again, Baby Chloe did not make it.....Mark told the news in the comment section of the last post...RIP Baby Chloe...Lucas will b there for u...

Updated;; its has come to our attention that 2 more of our friends need support and prayers fur their hoomans...

Tibby's mama's little sister is gonna have open heart surgery tomorrow, check bloggie for details..
Petra Pot Pie's grammy is gonna have surgery on her back tomorrow also, info on her bloggie..

Please remember them....

b safe,

Tributes and those that need our support!!!

w00fs all,

As u all prolly no by now, this is Laska, and he is missing....

If u live or have friends in the area of West Milford, NJ, please b on the lookout for this dog..He needs to b home where he is safe...

We have had a very sad week here at DWB...We dont nos where to start..

This bute ti ful girl, is our friend Dakota...we have been worried about her for awhile now..and yesterday her pawents made the ultimate sacrifice, she's a puppy now, running and playing, and all those illnesses she had are all gone...Its her family we have to take care of now...they have a big hole in their hearts that will take time to close..and never will entirely...we will miss ur bute til ful smile and ur blue, blue eyes..

This is Kaiser, a gentle giant...We have been following him and his Zoo Crew for awhile now too...Poor boy, fought sooo hard to live....We can c him now, playing with our other angels, he prolly wins all the races they have at the bridge..

This is Rocky aka the Rock Star...sadly to say, we didnt meet him till after he went to the bridge....From his bloggie it looks like he had a wonderful life, with a family who loved him dearly...always makes us sad, when one of us leaves that we havent met yet...He will b missed....

Please visit their families and give them our love and support....RIP Dakota, Kai, and Rocky==run with the wind!!

Our friends Huskee and Hershey , need our support for their mom and dad..History iz repeating itself....and we need to put the "power of the paw" to work for them...Its not fair!!!

Ludo, could use some cheering up too...his rabbit-dogs are to b rehomed...

Benson , is feeling some better and so is Roxy...thank dog for that...

as far as we nos, thats all we needed to talk about...oops please keep Snickers in ur prayers, the seizure monster wont leave her alone...

we is still crossing paws and mama iz praying that JB's xstep-dad will let Bear comed home where he belongs..Its bad when, hooomans use the innocent to hurt hoomans they use to love..Please let Bear go back home!!!

b safe,
~rocky and mama~

Monday, June 22, 2009

Can Rocky come out to play!!!

w00fs all,

Thats me yard, and my big tree....do u c what me sees......

Can Rocky come out and play!!!


b safe,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy daddy day!!! To all the daddys out there!!

"A Father's Day Poem
From the Dog: "

You feed me when I'm hungry,
You keep water in my dish,
You let me sleep on anything,
Or in any place I wish.

You sometimes let me lick your hands,
Or even lick your face,
Despite the fact I've licked myself,
In every private place.

You taught me how to come when called,
You taught me how to sit,
You always let me go outside,
So I can take a sh... Stroll.

You'll always have my loyalty,
Up to the bitter end,
'Cause after all, it's plain to see...
You are a dog's best friend!

author unknown..

b safe,
~rocky n bear~
pps, we loves u daddy...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Me didnt run fast enuff!!!

Sad woofs my friends,

when u hear ur daddy tell ur mama, sumthing about a baff, u need to run fast....

and hide!!! Cause things will not b prudy...u will look like they iz trying to drown u...and thennn, they put stinky stuff on u and u gits all soaped up...

See hear, me iz trying to reason wiff daddy to please lemme go and tell that nasty woman behind us to quit taking my piksur...

the torment never ends...

heehee revenge iz sweet, think mama got the rinse piksurs b4 the soapy ones.....

ok, enuff of this torture...its ok, me shooked and got them wetted tooo...

b safe,

pps, oops me better run, me heard sumthing bout nails clipped...me gots to watch daddy clip mamas nails.....
ppsss, it iz cooler now....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New "Kid" on the block!!!

w00fs all,

Me wood like fur u to meet Frankie...He loves "his boat", cook outs and being a insniffagator...and u dachshunds will appreciate he iz one of u..a cutie too...and he grows a pretty cool garden too....

So please check him out here
and tell him me sent ya..

b safe,

pps piksur borrowed from his bloggie...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Firefox crashed!!


Mama wanted to tell u all, that her Firefox crashed wed or thursday...she had all her banking info on there..and had to transfer it to google crome..(cause mama cant member passwords).also, she uninstalled and reinstalled firefox and stills gets the crash notice...shes old..anyways, we not nos iffin this iz widespread, but we wanted to warn u...

b safe,
~rocky n mama~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Cats Guide to Human Beings!!


Hmmm, mama says me got to b good to me kitty friends, sooo me mamas sis found this..she finded it on petfinder forums..me not nos who wote it, but musta b a scary bunch of cats...


1. Introduction: Why Do We Need Humans?

So you've decided to get yourself a human being. In doing so, you've joined the millions of other cats who have acquired these strange and frustrating creatures. There will be any number of times, during the course of your association with humans, when you will wonder why you have bothered to grace them with your presence.

What's so great about humans, anyway? Why not just hang around with other cats? Our greatest philosophers have struggled with this question for centuries, but the answer is actually rather simple: THEY HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS.

This makes them the perfect tools for such tasks as opening doors, getting the lids off of cat food cans, changing television stations and other activities that we, despite our other obvious advantages, find difficult to do ourselves. True, chimps, orangutans and lemurs also have opposable thumbs, but they are nowhere as easy to train.

2. How And When to Get Your Human's Attention.

Humans often erroneously assume that there are other, more important activities than taking care of your immediate needs, such as conducting business , spending time with their families or even sleeping. Though this is dreadfully inconvenient, you can make this work to your advantage by pestering your human at the moment it is the busiest. It is usually so flustered that it will do whatever you want it to do, just to get you out of its hair. Not coincidentally, human teenagers follow this same practice. Here are some tried and true methods of getting your human to do what you want:

Sitting on paper: An oldie but a goodie. If a human has paper in front of it, chances are good it's something they assume is more important than you. They will often offer you a snack to lure you away. Establish your supremacy over this wood pulp product at every opportunity. This practice also works well with computer keyboards, remote controls, car keys and
small children.

Waking your human at odd hours: A cat's "golden time" is between 3:30 and 4:30 in the morning. If you paw at your human's sleeping face during this time, you have a better than even chance that it will get up and, in an incoherent haze, do exactly what you want. You may actually have to scratch deep sleepers to get their attention; remember to vary the scratch site to keep the human from getting suspicious.

3. Punishing Your Human Being

Sometimes, despite your best training efforts, your human will stubbornly resist bending to your whim. In these extreme
circumstances, you may have to punish your human. Obvious punishments, such as scratching furniture or eating household plants, are likely to backfire: the unsophisticated humans are likely to misinterpret the activities and then try to discipline YOU. Instead, we offer these subtle but nonetheless effective alternatives:

* Use the cat box during an important formal dinner.

* Stare impassively at your human while it is attempting a romantic interlude.

* Stand over an important piece of electronic equipment and feign a hairball attack.

* After your human has watched a particularly disturbing horror film, stand by the hall closet and then slowly back away, hissing and yowling.

* While your human is sleeping, lie on its face.

4. Rewarding Your Human:

Should Your Gift Still Be Alive? The cat world is divided over the etiquette of presenting humans with the thoughtful gift of a recently disemboweled animal. Some believe that humans prefer these gifts already dead, while others maintain that humans enjoy a slowly expiring cricket or rodent just as much as we do, given their jumpy and playful movements in picking the creatures up after they've been presented. After much consideration of the human psyche, we recommend the following: Cold blooded animals (large insects, frogs, lizards, garden snakes and the occasional earthworm) should be presented dead, while warm blooded animals (birds,rodents, your neighbor's Pomeranian) are better still living. When you see the expression on your human's face, you'll know it's worth it.

5. How Long Should You Keep Your Human?

You are only obligated to your human for one of your lives. The other eight are up to you. We recommend mixing and matching, though in the end, most humans (at least the ones that are worth living with) are pretty much the same. But what do you expect? They're humans, after all. Opposable thumbs will only take you so far.

b safe,

pps and b careful doggies, those kittys mite make a doggy guide fur how to treat us...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Me iz watching and other stuffs!!!

w00fs all,

Heehee dis iz my mama's sista, she fussed at mama fur putting her piksur on the thingy at the top of my bloggie, soooo mama says revenge iz sweet...her wuz half asleep here...and thats mama's beer can, me thinks she drunked 3 on her trip to seed her sis....

This bute ti ful girl is mama's niece's little girl, she's 10 or 11, me furgits...Her name is Victoria, Torie fur short...

and mama's sista just tolded her last nite that her son (mamas nephew) Brad, iz getting married next month..He iz in the navy stationed in Virginia..Plans r a wedding on the beach in dress whites...Brad iz around 23 and serves in the navy, he iz on his second term now...He been to Iraq twice among other places..

Just want to prove to u all, a dogs work iz never done....See, here me has to keep my eyes on mama and daddy...daddy iz in bed and mamas on the puter...

Still watching....

Me getted closer to mama here, me wuz trrying to tell her its bed time and she got that ole camera out...can u see me disgusted look....

b safe,

Friday, June 5, 2009

OOOO where ooooo where iz the Hounds??? and saying goodbye to Jay!!

Woof's my friends,

We Hudson Furkids iz a little upset right now..Our friends "the HoundsofHeaven's", bloggie has been removed...and it wuznt by them..We has been following their bloggie fur awhile now and cant understand y it wuz removed..It wuznt a sexual bloggie, or adult content bloggie, wuz just a blog about the dawgs, cats, trees, crawlie thingys, that live in Heaven...just like any of our iz...about our "furkids"..

I had noticed that when i started having to use Google Chrome as a search engine that when i would go to their site, it would give me a warning..I emailed the hounds and ask them iffin they knew that....the warning mentioned a counter.... Now mind u, i have been visiting them for awhile b4 I got the warning...We think it has something to do with the visitor counter....Sooo, i am gonna delete my visitor counter from me bloggie...Just in case that IS the problem...and i would advise all of us to do that...

The Hounds wanted me to let u all no, they have gone back to their old blog addy, it's here..(and they have no visitor counter)....They want their friends to come visit them there...they r still working on y their bloggie wuz removed...

We plan on visiting them, like usual...

We are very sad to hear Jay, crossed the bridge not long ago...Bless his heart, he had been sick fur awhile...May he RIP, and run with the wind....If u havent gone to give support to his family, please do...

The pups piksured iz, Sweepy, Bogart and Sumo, better known as "the Hounds of Heaven"...

b safe,