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This bloggy is watched over by an angel...angel lacylulu, we love u soooo much, u brought so much joy into our lives...we will miss u always....This blog is now dedicated to her memory!!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Woof's all, 

To all our friends in the way of this hurricane, please b safe......Iffin ur gonna b in the middle of it, with the full wrath of it, git out while u can...and take ur pets.....we will all b watching the weather, and haff u in our thoughts and prayers...Ok, me got this picksur of the course it will take, but it wont lemme borrow it off the site, soo i will has to put link up...Please b safe!!!!

Be Safe,
angel Lacylulu
and the mama....

Friday, August 29, 2008

RIP Little boy T-man!!!

Sad woof's today... Our friend T-man went to the rainbow bridge last nite...we didnt no T-man that good, but it still hurts us when one of us goes to the bridge....please go to T-man's 
bloggie and give his family our love and support....

a sad,
angel lacylulu
and mama...

Me handsome self and "the park"!!!

w00f's all, 

Bunch of picksurs to show ya....the park ones wuz taken 2 weeks ago...me hasnt got to go back yet...last week mamas feeties wuz really bad swollen and this week it rained till today (thursday)....sooo me hopes u enjoys.....

playin wiff my daddy!!! me won...
teasing mama, woodnt let her play....

Kissin on me daddy, me iz good at kissin (winkie winkie at Hershey and Kaci)...
Park Picksurs....just going in....

pickanic area....
kiddie area....
baseball field, they lemme go offleash here for 2 seconds on time b4...

pleaseeeee mama.....

hope u enjoyed my trip to the park, me did...

b safe,

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cross-posting does help!!!!!!! Another puppymill bites the dust!!! yeaaaaa!!!!!

Blogger mack said...

Thanks for the important announcements Rocky. Mom checked my toy box and yep - we had one of those bad balls.

August 25, 2008 6:32 PM

woof's all, 

this just goes to show u all, that our warnings do count....we mite of been reading bout our friends Mack and Paris being hurt wiff that bad ball....lilly iz to little dont think she cood git her mouth on it...

b safe,

~rocky and company~

pps, and another one bites the dust, yeaaaaaaaa!!!! (the picksurs prolly wont show up, me gotted this in a email, but the message iz clear)...

Best Friends Animal Society

Dear Members and Friends,

PhotoI’m writing to let you know about late breaking news from our Campaigns Team. Over the weekend, Best Friends partnered with teams from local and national organizations to remove more than 1,000 puppies and adult dogs from a puppy mill near Parkersburg, West Virginia.

For these dogs, today marks the beginning of a whole new life.

No longer confined to tiny, wire-bottomed cages, they’ll soon be running free in backyards of their own.

No longer forced to breed, they’ll soon be spayed or neutered, so their bodies can relax, and their puppies will no longer take spots in homes that could have been filled with dogs from shelters.

No longer neglected, they’ll soon be well cared for and safe.

No longer ignored, they’ll soon be smothered with affection from new families.

You can read about their rescue on our website and as the days unfold we’ll introduce you to some of the four-legged characters in this redemption tale.

PhotoFollow the Story

Stay tuned to the Best Friends Network to follow the dogs’ progress. The site will feature video, blogs, forums, and more. You’ll be able to meet many of the rescued dogs, and follow their stories as they move from a sad past to a bright future.


Your financial support made this rescue possible. Without you, these special dogs would have lived out their lives without love, without hope, without families. Instead, they will soon have all the TLC and human companionship they long for. 100% of your donation today will support the Puppies Aren’t Products campaign*, and fund programs that will save more dogs like the ones rescued in West Virginia.

Spread the Word

Puppy mills thrive on secrecy. The people who buy puppies from pet stores or the Internet have been duped into believing that the high price they pay means that their puppy has been carefully bred, his parents loved and treated well. Nothing could be further from the truth. Please forward this e-mail to friends and family and help us spread the word about puppy mills.

Thank you, as always, for caring about the animals, and for supporting the work of Best Friends.


Click Here!Paul Berry
  Paul Berry, CEO
  Best Friends Animal Society

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Medal, Award and Be Aware!!!!

w00f;s all,

Guess what me did, me won a medal in the paw-limpics...and guessss whatt it wuz fur, KISSIN!!!! Me iz a pawtastic smoocher....hmmm, me wonders iffin me shood tell Kaci and Hershey dat?? mee wood like to thank Lenny at http://wirewise.blogspot.com/
fur having this fun competion....

me won wiff this picksur of me smoochin on me daddy....heehee sumtimes me gits him in da eye.....

anddd me good friends Abby, Rosie, "the kittys" and Chris, gived us this BFF award, now me not no bout u all, but me thinks u never can have to many BFF's...Thank you for passing this to us...we are honored!!!!

ok, pups, kittys, horsies, hammies and wabbits....remember the other day me tolded u all bout watt Khyra and serveral posted about, dat bad ball, from dat bad company....we wood like to remind u of 2 more thingys...and mama say her iz sorry fur sum reason it wont like her copy/paste the important info... she has to give u all the sites....

      If we iz not mistaken, this iz whatt killed one of our DWB's members...Pleasse b very careful in the kind of mulch u choose to put in ur gardens and flower gardens...If u read the info, it says it smells like chocolate and u all nos how much us doggies love chocolate...

      me not git in mamas pocketbook, but me nos lots of doggies does...this iz a warning, chewing gum iz dangerous to us....its got sum big letter woord in it dat can kill us...

Please b aware of those 2 things...hmmm me wuz gonna tell u sumthing else but me cant member watt it wuz...me will take a nap and think on it now....

b safe,
~rocky and company~

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Awards and a editorial!!! UPDATED!!!!!!!! URGENT!!!!!


w00f's all,

Me has sum awards to tell ya about, this 1st award  me friend Khyra at 
gived this to me and it iz an honor to recieve it....Me trys to b nice all the time, but fur sum reasons me cant quit chasin squeerls and cats...me just wants to play wiff 'em....they must not like me...by the way she iz telling bout a toy to b very careful of in her post today, sooo me gots to read it when me gets this post up...thank you soooo much ms fluffy tail, me really appreciates this...and me will pass it on to Asta and Deetz......

and this BFF award we got from our friend Keeley...
Keeley, we thank you soooo much for this award...me thinks we has or you and angel lacylulu has been friends since u comed to DWB's and now we iz friends...this is an honor....all the awards we gits iz an honor to receive them...

Thank you both soooo much!!!!

now my mama wants to say something...

Hi all,

I have been very upset this week...one of our close friends Deetz and Gizmo
and their mom had their feelings hurt....DWB's is a loving community, and we all deal with things in different ways...
in my opinion, we r here to make hoomans and animals alike smile and have fun, and when its needed we are here to support in sickness and in death...sooo no way to deal with things is the right way, just our own personal way....i have cried with u and laughed with u.....and worried with u...we have enjoyed all of asta's trips, the mysteries CSII, lol forgot how it goes, the goody exchange, Lenny's pawlimpics, agatha's earthdog adventures, rides on aire ruby, pawties galore , Johann and all of our agility pups and all the stuff that we do...sooo i guess all that left to say is, we love ya Deetz, Gizmo and ur mom, and we love all of u tooo...

b safe,
angel lacylulu
and mama!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thinkin of me Girls!!!

w00f's all,

This iz me thinkin of me girlfriends....u think they will like this profile shot....

andddd this iz me girlfriends, Hershey and Kaci!!!! iz they not the prettiest girlies on the planet....me shure thinks soooo....
b safe, 

pps me iz going nitey nite to dream bout my girls..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fay visiting Florida!!!!

W00f's all, 

This iz to our friends in Florida, and in Fays path, please b safe....

angel lacylulu
and mama!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another barkday, Happy Barkday, Boy!!!!

w00f's all,

 Heehee another barkday ....Happy Barkday, Boy!!! Git lots of treats and toys, kissies and hugs, and haff  many many more barkdays....u can visit Boy at Boy and baby... go wish him happy barkday....

b safe,

Friday, August 15, 2008

OOpsiesss we furgot to post a barkday carwd!!!!

w00f's again all,

Bad us, we furgot to post another barkday carwd...This bute ti ful girl iz Dakota...and she b 11 years old today...Dakota we hope u gets lots of kissies and huggies....treats and toys, and u has many many more barkdays.....u can wish her happy barkday at  http://thechronicleofwoos.blogspot.com/ Thanks ever bodies...

b safe,
angel lacylulu!!

Happy Barkday, Jackson and Sparky and git well soon Kai!!!

woof's all, 

 watt can ya say bout Jackson, were sooo happy to be helping u celebrate ur barkday today...we wish for u a speedy recovery our friend...have a calm day with lots of love and snoochie kisses. and haff many many more barkdays...wish him happy barkday at Jackson

and we wood like to wish Sparky a happy barkday , we hope u has a very special day, wiff lots of pressies and treats...and u has many many more barkday...u can c sparky at  Sparky and wish him happy barkday...

and on a sad note, Kai of the iz not feeling to good, plea se go and add ur thoughts and prayers to help him start feeling better and on the road to recovery...visit them at http://zoocrew5.blogspot.com/

b safe all, 
angel lacylulu!!

K-9 Hero!!! UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

w00f's all, me iz sorry but this is not true...thanks to the Ao4 they did the homework that me and mama shooda done...This iz not a true story!!!!!

My kind of dog!

The K9 above is Brutus, a military K9 at McChord. He's huge - part Boxer and part British Bull Mastiff and tops the scales at 200 lbs. His handler took the picture. Brutus is running toward me because he knows I have some Milk Bone treats, so he's slobbering away! I had to duck around a tree just before he got to me in case he couldn't stop, but he did. Brutus won the Congressional Medal of Honor last year from his tour in Iraq . His handler and four other soldiers were taken hostage by insurgents. Brutus and his handler communicate by sign language and he gave Brutus the signal that meant 'go away but come back and find me'. The Iraqis paid no attention to Brutus. He came back later and quietly tore the throat out of one guard at one door and another guard at another door. He then jumped against one of the doors repeatedly (the guys were being held in an old warehouse) until it opened. He went in and untied his handler and they all escaped. He's the first K9 to receive this honor. If he knows you're ok, he's a big old lug and wants to sit in your lap. Enjoys the company of cats.

K-9 Congressional Medal of Honor Winner

Thought you'd find this interesting. Talk about animal intelligence and bonding with humans!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Puff's 2nd Barkday!!

w00f's all,

Yesterday wuz our little friend Puff's Barkday....Her wuz 2 years old, heehee me iz 2 years old too....Me hopes u got lots of treats and toys (and it lookied like she had fun, she gots ice cream)..and we hope u has many, many more barkdays...Puff and Ivy wuz one of the 1st friends we meeted on DWB's and we treasure them...Iffin u wood like to go wish her happy barkday shes at Powder-puff and Ivy she wood love to c ya all there...

b safe,
angel lacylulu!!

pps ok now this is strange, cause it usually takes u to the bloggie, bol not my reader.....

Ur eyes iz not playin tricks on u!!

HeeHee, nooo u eyes iz not playin tricks on u, we iz workin on our bloggie...sum of our bloggies disappears, wiff the background as black, sooo we trying new things...mama says its gittin on her last nerve, wattever dat iz...

b safe,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Passing on an award!!!

w00f's all, 

Me has an award we wood like to give to 3 pups, This Big Red Bow wuz made for Us by Chef, and this iz watt he saidid bout it....The pup that receives this:

The Big Red Bow Award was originally given by Chef to Rocky, Bear, Angel Lacylulu, and their mom, Claudette, for always remembering our birthdays and other special events, and for always reminding us to wish each other well and cheer each other on. They are like a bow that ties all of us together. The Big Red Bow is now an award of special recognition. Feel free to pick it up here and send it to a friend who is special

1) we wood like to give this award back to Chef, we appreciate this award sooo much....thank you, Chef...

and 3) we wood like to send this bow on to Ms Fluffy Tail Khyra, cause she iz always on top of things going on at DWB's and shes got a biggg bushie tail...heehee...

Now we got to go to park today, so we got to work on gettin that post out...

b safe, and yeaaa Jackson iz outta intensive care...grrr bloggie not being nice to me......
angel lacylulu
and mama!!!

pps, lol i hope u all can read that, think we got this all straighten out now....
we awarded it to 


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our awards!!!

w00f's all, 

Since we gots sum pretty good news bout our friend Jackson, we will tell u bout our awards...This BFF Gold Card us got from Mr.Joe Stains and his side kick Tanner, and from one of the hottest girl pup in bloggerville Ms.Asta.. These iz the rules...

Now, the rules re passing it on are as follows:-

1. Only five people allowed.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

so to b fair, me had mama go through our bloggie and tally up the comments from the last 7 post...and this is whatt us comed up with..

1) we wood like to return the award to Ms Asta and the famous Joey and Tanner..cause they iz our BFF's

2) Ammy of the Army of Four , because Zimmie, Dave and Storms got this award by theirselves and Ammy so far hasnt, sooo we pass this on to her....
3) The OP Pack at The Chronicle of Woos, they iz one of our new friends to our bloggie...
4) Kaci and Hershey at Two New England Schna... they have been our friends on DWB's and Dogster..
5) Deetz , he always cares bout how everdog, kitty, horsie, hammie and all living things..are doing and hes sad rite now cause they cant find Charlotte..
6) Chef at BOXERDOGBLOG ~ ... and u can say he is our friend from another part of the world..
7) Sweet Lorenza atEL DIARIO DE LORENZA, now who not like this sweet pup, she comments, and post most ever day..
8) Kodak at A Day In The Life - S..., cause he had such fun at the lake..
9) Maggie and Mitch at Maggie and Mitch , i not no how they do it, heehee me thinks they never sleep, cause they iz the 1st ones to visit most of the time..
10) Gus, Louie and Callie Gus The Blue Heeler They always take the time to visit and leave comments...
11) Levi and Angel Cooper at The Levi and Cooper C... always visits and leaves nice comments...

Now these are not my only visitors and we love and appreciate each one of u...look forward to visiting ur bloggies and to comments u leave on ours...

BTW b4 me furgits, thank you Maya and Kena, Hammer and Family and Bruno and family for leaving the gifts on my sistas angel Lacylulu page in Dogster, we really appreciate the kindness...

guess me better shhhh now...Me thinks they gonna cook steaks on the grill, mayb me will git lucky...

b safe,

pps;;;; dont furgit to keep Jackson and all sick and lonely pups in ur thoughts and prayers...

Jackson, we iz thinkin of u!!!!

Woof's all,

Me iz praying hard to the dogstar tonite....Jackson, has his surgery tomorrow....and me has to tell u all, me iz skeered...Me iz gonna trust his dogtor that he wont let anything happen to him...and will b waiting fur his J's to post how it went...Me has me paws crossed and so has Bear and angel Lacylulu and mama iz praying hard....JACKSON, WE LOVE U, PLEASEEEE B SAFE!!!!

b safe,
angel lacylulu
and mama!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

UPDATE to the Gmail Scam!!!

Hi all, 

Well, i have almost got this all firgured out, thanks to my sis and niece...They did some online hunting for me and this is what they came up with...

and this one is from my own telephone company

according to one of these, i forgot which one now, the way they get u is they send u a email, and if ur like me, u dont open them unless u know where its from...when u dont answer the email, they go ahead and sign u up....and i suppose it could b any of the email sites....not just gmail...

I intend on calling the phone company, and my bank tomorrow...i just signed up for recurring payments on my bill, sooo i dont know if we (my niece) got to it in time to cancel the payment...will know that tomorrow...i intend on sending gmail this information too...its not right these people use their site to cheat people and they should know about it...(thanks charlie for reminding me i should let them know)...

If anybody can think of anything else i can do, let me know, please....oooo yeah, gonna send this information to my local tv channels too...people need to know about this....


Friday, August 8, 2008

G-mail Scam??

Hi all, 

the mama here, just wanted to warn u...I got my monthly phone bill and instead of the usual 56.00 it was 92.95.....well, the u know what bout hit the fan and i read ever word of my bill...i was charged 15.25 for SBO-ONLINE survival kit monthly fee....and Intelicom Messaging monthly fee of 14.95...thats 32.31 xtra on my phone bill...well, I  called and had both of those cancelled but found out from the intelicom place that whoever authorized this it came from lacylulu@gmail.com.....i no i did not authorize this since i already pay 24.95 for internet service...sooo somehow, someway somebody got in my email and did it...soooo please if u have gmail b very careful......hopefully, this will all b fixed soon, but i still have to pay the 92.95 and thats no fun when u had 56.00 budgeted....


Thursday, August 7, 2008


w00f's all, 

we iz having trouble putting this on our bloggie...i guess its our typist...heehee

1).  on July 31, Momo and Pinot gave us the big puffy heart....well they gived it to mama..and we ALL thank them soooo much fur thinking of our mama.

2).  and we were honored again by Snowy and Crystal .... on August 2,
 gived us the Arte-y-Pico. 
we thank u boff verwy much...

4). Hershey and Kaci at http://hersheyandkaci.blogspot.com/
on the 3rd of August and on August the 6th Deefor and Arrow at 
honored us with the Brillant, the big puffy heart and the
best friends award. Thank you sooo much!!!

Since most of u have most of the awards now, we will just pass the Red Puffy Heart on
to: ,Maggie and Mitch       

and will send the Kind Blog on to:::

hmmmm, if any of u havent gotdid these awards please take them...this iz what happens, we wants to them to ever dog, cat, hammie, horsie and all 

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jackson and NOMS (a day late)!!!!

w00f's all, yeaaaaaa!! blogger iz being nice today....anyways our friend Jackson 
iz gonna haff that test today (wednesday) and Ms Asta
created this wish upon a Jackson star fur him, as a way of saying we iz all united to make him better......sooo Please keep him in ur prayers today...

me iz late wiff this, it wuz pose to be done yesterday buttt anyways...."For the first anniversary of the nomss friend Dare we will create an international public holiday and

declare August 5 to be Noms Day." Karl of the CatRealm
(me borrow dat from asta)

ok, me has to b friends wiff dat cat fur one day, and me wuz me didnt bark at it to  much today...

and this squeerl, daddy says we must take care of living things, sooo he fixed dis bucket fur them and the birdies to drink water from...
that is my being nice fur today..hmmm mama cood u take this muzzle off of me now...

b safe all, remember to keep our friends Charlie, Jackson, Dakota (of the op pack),Charlotte and all our sick friends in ur thoughts...

b safe,