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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Story!!

this is not a rescue story of anydog or cat or hammie, but a resuce story of a family down on their luck!!! Have kleenex handy!!!

>BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS STORY>>>About a week before Christmas, Mom bought a new nativity scene. When she>unpacked it, she found two figures of the Baby Jesus.>"Someone must have packed this wrong," Mother said, counting out the>figures. "We have one Joseph, one Mary, three wise men, three shepherds, >two lambs,>a donkey, a cow, an angel, and two babies. Oh, dear! I suppose some set >down>at the store is missing a Baby Jesus because we have two.>"You two run back down to the store and tell the manager that we have an>extra Jesus. Tell him to put a sign on the remaining boxes saying that if >a set>is missing a Baby Jesus, call 7126. Put on your warm coats, it's freezing>cold out there." The manager of the store copied down Mother's message, >and the>next time we were in the store, we saw the cardboard sign that read, "If y>ou're missing Baby Jesus, call 7126." All week long we waited for someone >to>call. Surely, we thought, someone was missing that important figurine.>Each time the phone rang, Mother would say, "I'll bet that's about Jesus.">But it never was. Father tried to explain there are thousands of these>scattered over the country, and the figurine could be missing from a set >in Florida>or Texas or California. Those packing mistakes happen all the time. He>suggested that she just put the extra Jesus back in the box and forget >about it.>"Put Baby Jesus back in the box?! What a terrible thing to do," said >Mother.>"Surely someone will call. We'll just keep the two of them together in the>manger until someone does." When no call had come by 5:00 on Christmas >Eve,>Mother insisted that Father "just run down to the store" to see if there >were any>sets left. "You can see them right through the window, over on the >counter,">she said. "If they are all gone, I'll know someone is bound to call >tonight.">"Run down to the store?">Father thundered. "It's 15 below zero out there!">"Oh, Daddy, we'll go with you!" We began to put on our coats. Father gave >a>long sigh and headed for the front closet. "I can't believe I'm doing >this,">he muttered. We ran ahead as father reluctantly walked out in the cold. >Tommy>got to the store first and pressed his nose up to the store window. >"They're>all gone, Daddy," he shouted. "Every set must be sold. Hooray! The mystery>will be solved tonight!">Father heard the news still a half block away and immediately turned on >his>heel and headed back home. When we got back into the house, we noticed >that>mother was gone and so was the extra Baby Jesus figurine. "Someone must >have>called, and she went out to deliver the figurine," father reasoned, >pulling>off his boots. "You kids get ready for bed while I wrap mother's present." >Then>the phone rang. Father yelled "answer the phone and tell 'em we found a >home>for Jesus." But it was mother calling with instructions for us to come to>205 Chestnut Street immediately, and bring three blankets, a box of >cookies>and some milk.>"Now what has she gotten us into?" father groaned as we bundled up again.>"205 Chestnut. Why that's across town. Wrap that milk up good in the>Blankets,or it will turn to ice before we get there. Why can't we all>Just get on with Christmas? It's probably 20 below out there now. And the>wind is picking up. Of all the crazy things to do on a night like this.">When we got to the house at 205 Chestnut Street, it was the darkest one on>the block. Only one tiny light burned in the living room, and the moment >we>set foot on the porch steps, mother opened the door and shouted, "They're >here!>Oh thank God you got here, Ray! You kids take those blankets into the >living>room and wrap up the little ones on the couch. I'll take the milk and>cookies.">"Would you mind telling me what is going on, Ethel?" father asked. "We>Have just walked through below zero weather with the wind in our faces all>the way." "Never mind all that now," mother interrupted. "There is no heat >in>this house, and this young mother is so upset, she doesn't know what to >do.>Her husband walked out on her, and those poor little children will have a>very bleak Christmas, so don't you complain. I told her you could fix that >oil>furnace in a jiffy.">My mother strode off to the kitchen to warm the milk while my brother and >I>wrapped up the five little children who were huddled together on the >couch.>The children's mother explained to my father that her husb and had run >off,>taking bedding, clothing, and almost every piece of furniture, but she had >been>doing all right until the furnace broke down.>"I been doin' washin'an ironin' for people and cleanin' the five and >dime,">she said. "I saw your number every day there, on those boxes on the >counter.>When the furnace went out, that number kept goin' through my mind. 7162.>Said on the box that if a person was missin' Jesus, theyshould call you. >That's>how I knew you were good Christian people, willin' to help folks. I >figured>that maybe you would help me, too. So I stopped at the grocery store >tonight,>and I called your missus. I'm not missin' Jesus, mister, because I sure >love>the Lord. But I am miss in' heat. I have no money to fix that furnace.">"Okay, okay," said Father. "You've come to the right place. Now let's see.>You've got a little oil burner over there in the dining room. Shouldn't >be>too hard to fix. Probably just a clogged flue. I'll look it over, see what >it>needs.">Mother came into the living room carrying a plate of cookies and warm >milk.>As she set the cups down on the coffee table, I noticed the figure of Baby>Jesus lying in the center of the table. It was the only sign of Christmas >in>the house. The children stared wide-eyed with wonder at the plate of >cookies>my mother set before them.>Father finally got the oil burner working but said, "You need more oil. >I'll>make a few calls tonight and get some oil. Yes sir, you came to the right>place." Father grinned.>On the way home, Father did not complain about the cold weather and had>barely set foot insid e the door when he was on the phone. "Ed, hey, how >are ya,>Ed? Yes, Merry Christmas to you, too. Say Ed, we have kind of an unusual>situation here. I know you've got that pickup truck. Do you still have >some oil>in that barrel on your truck? You do?" By this time the rest of the family >was>pulling clothes out of their closets and toys off of their shelves. It was>long after our bedtime when we were wrapping gifts. The pickup came. On >it>were chairs, three lamps, blankets and gifts. Even though it was 30 >below,>father let us ride along in the back of the truck. No one ever did call >about>the missing figure in the nativity set, but as I grow older I realize that >it>wasn't a packing mistake at all. Jesus saves, that's what He does.>Author Unknown -- Sorry I Can't Send You A Tissue Merry Christmas to you>all and God Bless you one and all.

b safe,
;)lacylulu and mama....


Asta said...

Yo wewe wight..We can hawdly see the scween fow the teaws...this is what the twue meaning of Chwissmuss is!!
Thank you fow that stowy to wemind us
smoochie kisses and take good cawe of youwselves
Asta and Mommi

Sir Chance-Lot said...

I just wanted you to know that I stop by all the time..;O))..just little time to leave comments.
"There is faint music in the night,
And pale wings fanned by silver flight
A frosty hill with tender glow
Of countless stars that shine on snow."
I wish you peaceful reflections during this frozen time!
Much Love Always
Sir Chancelot
~Go with Peace~

Luc & Remy said...

That's a great story, Lacylulu. We really loved it.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey LacyLulu,
Very nice story. We wanted to thank you for your lovely Christmas card. We got it today!!! We hope you have a great weekend & that your Mama is getting better.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Maggie & Mitch said...

What a wonderful story, Lacylulu! Thank you so much for sharing it!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Peanut said...

That was a great story. Thanks for putting it up there.

Maya and Kena said...

Hi Lacy!
Of course! Here it is:


Be sure to put our names in the "To" form because we share this email with another doggy..Thanks!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Lorenza said...

Hi, Lacy Lulu
Thanks for sharing this beautiful story! We all know that God knows!
I got your card today!!! Thank you so much!
I hope your mom is feeling better!
Have a good night

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi Lacy LuLu, that was a beutiful reminder of God's will. Thanks for the good tears. Oh it's a 1-paw countdown till Christmas!

Love Licks & waggin tails and since it's late no barking xo

Snowball said...

What a sad but sweet story. Thanks for sharing.


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

that was such a sad but very sweet tale Lacy!

loving licks, Marvin xxxxxxxx

the Corgi Girls said...

Hi Lacy! Are you and your pawrents all ready for Christmas?! We're getting there!

Our email is:

Love you!
M & I

Amber said...

Ohhh, the story looks very interesting! I will continue reading it when I get home!

Amber :)

Gus and Louie said...

That is a wonderful story!!

Here is our e-mail address:

Amber-Mae said...

Bootiful story Lacy. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

powder-puff said...

Hey lacy lulu !!

What a great christmas story!!

Hope you have a great weekend!

I got your christmas card a while back, and i just want to say that i LUV it, thanks so much!!!!

peace out

Noah the Airedale said...

Awwww nice story Lacylulu. There must be so many people out there that have it tough especially this time of the year.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

Stanley said...

LacyLulu Girl!

Thanks for sharing that sweet story with us. You're right. It always makes my girl cry when she hears about grace and how one person shows it to another.

Merry Christmas to you, LLL!

Goober love & smooches,