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This bloggy is watched over by an angel...angel lacylulu, we love u soooo much, u brought so much joy into our lives...we will miss u always....This blog is now dedicated to her memory!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ben and Cubby and Jackson!!! and me wuz sickly!!

w00f's all, wowzers my mama iz shure getting lazy wiff my bloggy..her iz spending wayyy to much time on her game site...but we wanted to let u all no, dat Ben at http://bentherotti.blogspot.com/ has started his week long raising money fur the Nowzad dogs...hes got the 1st competion already up on his bloggy...please go and check out the info...

and Cubby iz trying to raise money for Boxers...sick ones wiffout homes...sooo if u cood go vote fur his charity...we thank you very much...me tried to vote 2 times but they woodnt lemme...

Jackson iz trying to make money fur his little friend Paddy the terroist...and all the other homeless little ones...he wood appreciate iffin u cood come c him and check out how u can help those puppies...

Me wuz sick yesterday and me pawsome girlie friend Asta comed to take care of me, (me got a picksur but didnt ask her permission to use it). me iz feeling a lots better today, me played and me eated food...sooo thats good...thank you sweet asta......

we will git back to bloggy soon...

b safe and check out those bloggies...all fur a very worthwile cause...
~rocky and company~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sad day at DWB's!!!!!

Here we iz again, me went to c Pippa and seed where Simon of the FleasGang, crossed to the bridge....they just lost his sister Scarlett this month, sooo i can only imagine the saddness of losing 2 furkids soo close in time..Run free little Simon, please go and visit them and let them no we are all here for them, u can visit them at http://mydogshavefleas.com/fleasblog/

RIP little Heidi!!!!

w00f's again all,

This little girl iz Heidi, and she is Puff and Ivy's sister...she went to the bridge yesterday too, wiff Gizmo...Puff and Ivy and all of their family wuz one of the 1st doggies on DWB's to say woof;s to angel lacylulu and us...and we no they iz all sooo sad now, iffin u wood could u go pay ur respects to puff, ivy and family too...(sorry this one iz 1st we didnt find out about Heidi till after we posted about lil Gizno...Puff iz at Powder-puff and Ivy
Thank you all...sad day at dwb's..

Saying goodbye to Lil Man!!!

Sad w00f's all,

It iz wiff a sad heart we has to tell u all Gizmo aka lil man, has gone to the bridge...we all new this day wuz coming, but it shure dont make it any easier...angel Lacylulu said not to worry bout him, that all our friends at the bridge were taking care of him...that they have yummmies good food there, and he's been eatin ever since he comed..he still misses deetz and him mom and dad...
and hes watching over them..plus he said to tell u all, that he's hunting fur charlotte too...if u all woood go visit his family and give them our love and support...its at Deetz & Gizmo
take it from one that nos, all of ur kind comments mean more than u will ever no, unless u haff been there b4...

a very sad,
angel lacylulu
and mama...(with leaky eyes)..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ben's Passion and my auntie BK!!

w00f's all,

Thank you sooo much for all ur kind words to us...I guess its gonna take a little longer for the hurt of losing Lacy to go away...Must have been everthing added up, my mom's birthday was the 14th, (shes been gone 4years now) then we lost Lacy the 19th...I just let my emotions take over...anyway thanks again, it was much appreciated...

this picksur iz of heehee guesss who and me auntie BK....me decided me loves her...she feeded me a LOT....(one of the pics taken on our mini vacation)...

You c dat puppy up there, the info on it iz very cool....and Ben the organizer fur this mission can explain it a lot better than me can....sooo iffin u cood b sooo kind as to go visit him..Hunt ur pawents plastic thing or check book....http://bentherotti.blogspot.com/
thats where Ben iz and u can find out watts going on..

b safe,

pps me will post awards and stuff tomorrow...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Still Missing U, Girlie!!!!

w00f's all, 

Me mama needs to talk..March 19. 2008, we lost our baby girlie...Lacylulu Hudson..its been 6 months....I have been sooo down this last week...Didnt even wanna come to this bloggie, we did keep up with u all, sometimes we left comments and sometimes we didnt...I just play back the leading up to the 19th, what should i have done different...why i didnt have the blood work done...but whats done is done and i have to live with the outcome...I still miss Lacy, i will always miss Lacy...Feels like i got That call, today...all the tears, the sick feeling...Rocky is a huge help...he's sweet like lacy, but most else is completely different...Ok, I better hush now, cant see the keyboard anymore...

b safe,

pps we will git back to normal posting soon...got me trip to tell ya bout, and the puppies Ben iz trying to help....and our awards....we are sooo late posting about them, but we thank you soooo much fur them...and sooo much more...mee gots to go lick mamas leaky eyes fur her now...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Please visit Johann and Gracie's bloggy!!!!!

w00f's all, 

me iz sooo behind in everthing...gots lots to post about, but 1st me wood like u all to visit Johann and Gracie's bloggie @http://blog.johannthedog.com/  the picksur u will c there iz worth a thousand words...no
need fur me to explain it...that iz watt love iz!!!!

b safe,
~rocky and company~

Monday, September 15, 2008

Saying Goodbye, Giving love and support and happy barkdays!!!

w00f's alll,

me guesses u all nos that me went on a mini vacation to meet me auntie bk, me had sooo much fun, even me meeted me mamas nieces little hooman kiddies..then  when us got back home they installed our new phone service and us had to wait till today to get the internet workin..we iz sooo far behind on bloggies over 300...soo its slow going, 1st we iz paying our respects to the familys of Pixie at Daisy's
and Roscoe....they boff went to the bridge last week...and me iz very upset dat me little friend Gizmo at Deetz and Gizmo.. is losing his fight wiff cancer...and they all need our love and support...

so far thats all we got done, today..we will catch up soon...

we usually dont like to do barkdays and paying respects to families on the same
post, but me guesses sumtimes u has to..

b safe,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mama, didnt wanna post this!!!

Rabbit-vs-Snake showdown

w00f's all, 

heehee, mama iz squealin like a little girlie....butttt me iz tuff...

b safe,

pps, we will not b around till early Thursday morning...me iz gonna go meet me auntie BK...sooo, dont git to far ahead of us......

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Dare!!!!

w00f's all, 

me iz taking a dare....The Cat realm, at http://thecatrealm.blogspot.com/
and Texas
who just went to the bridge has this dare....sooo we iz doing this...we iz giving money to
we iz doing this to give our respects to all the animals that has or had cancer....2 esp, Gizmo, Deetz little brudder at top and my sis's little dog at the bridge Spicy.....
sooooo come on take the dare, it will help a lot of furkids......

b safe,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RIP sweet little Scarlett!!!!

Sad Woof's all, 

We just wanted to tell ever dog, kitty, hammie, wabbit or horsie, that little Scarlett of  http://mydogshavefleas.com/fleasblog/ left us last week...Shuch a sweet little girl...and we no
her family are devasted...Please if u will, could u go and give the her family our love and support...me
seed this on the The Brat Pack's bloggie... to her family, u iz in our thoughts and prayers..RIP sweet little Scarlett!!!!

a sad,
angel lacylulu
and the mama!!!