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This bloggy is watched over by an angel...angel lacylulu, we love u soooo much, u brought so much joy into our lives...we will miss u always....This blog is now dedicated to her memory!!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year everbody!!!!


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woofs all,

just a reminder about the DWB chat pawty tonite...iffin u not nos where to go please check with Opy or Bussie to git the addy fur the pawty....hurry, heehee time iz running out...we had sooo much fun last year, me (well, angel Lacylulu) meeted soooo many new friends then..soooo, heehee, bbbbb there....

b safe,

Monday, December 29, 2008


w00f's all,

Just a quickie fur now, Snowdogs iz on the Family Channel right now...its 8:00 est...check it out...

b safe,

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Do U remember this???

w00f's all,

my mama iz stealin me bloggie fur a post...she wants to ask ur mamas and daddy iffin the member a movie called "the doberman gang"...y u wanna no wood her want to no this...cause sumwhere a doggie ran into a grocery store and stole a bone and ran....heehee got away tooo...if u member this movie, let us no...

b safe,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Apologizes to me friends!!!


Me wishes u a pawsome happy howlieday, wiff lots of pressies and treats...

and haff a blessed 2009!!!

angel lacylulu!!!

This wuz gonna b my card to all of u, me friends...but December has not been a kind month to us...me sent off sum (mama furgot to send all of them off) across the big pond...then everything went wrong..1) our furnance tore up, its fixed now...and now our printer iz almost outta color ink...2) last tuesday our car quit...we think its the cataylitic but not sure...we have sum cards ready fur the mail...we haff no idea of how much its gonna cost to fix the car...we gettin sooo many bute ti ful cards and ecards...(ECARDS me cant print out now, but will when things settle down and we git some ink)...mama says next year we iz starting in july, she feels sooo bad cause sum of u hasnt got ur cards yet...we still plan on sending them sooo iffin u gits ur card in march, heehee better late than never...

Mama and daddy always go to her sisters at christmas, (well they always plan on it, but always haff car trouble)..sadly this year we cant go...and mama iz not in a good mood now...me tolded her we cood haff christmas here wiff just us...she just hugged me and said "i love u, Rocky"...

Sooooo, please accept this card...and have a pawtastic christmas!!! we loves u all!!!!!!!

b safe,
~rocky and company~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


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Monday, December 22, 2008

Is it or not!!!


w00f's all,

me nos this iz not furkid related, but what a wonderful time fur a miracle....U b the judge, is it or not?? cant git the video to work...when u get to the story click on the little video camera thingy...

b safe,

Friday, December 19, 2008

Heehee, try this!!


woof's all,

c iffin u can keep up, me shure cant...its the 1st one, veterinary....at the top u will need to click on arcade..then its veterinary...Dont furgit to lemme no how u dided....so far i got to 400...

b safe,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Attention if u live in Maryland or Colorado, or have friends and family there!!!

w00f's all,

wood u all b on the lookout fur this pup named "andie" me went visitin the brats and they had this posted and me had to help git the word out..here's what they said...

We saw over on Indy's blog a post about a sweet girl named Andie who is lost and needs help. We're far away, but maybe have some friends who are close that could help.

she iz lost in Maryland...and they needs volunteers to searcch fur her...

and also on my sidebar iz Stormy u can read about her at Khyra's place.. the sooner we find these pups the better it will b...thanks sooo much..

b safe,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The sick, RIP Sasha, Happy Barkday, Charlie!!!!

w00f's Kids,

As we all nos this iz a joyful time of the year..but unfortunatly, sad things will always b around...

<---- Is Daisy and she needs help, wood u b so kind to go to Eduardo and Clovers bloggies to find out how u can help. Me thanks u fur ur help....

This little girl iz Sasha and she needs help too...u can read all about it at Tatum Tot's bloggie...

she cood use a helping paw...

now it brings me to the sad part, this iz Sasha too, and she wuz a loved member of The Down River pack...and she lost her fight on the 11th...I no a lot of u haff already been to her bloggie and paid ur respects, but iffin u haven't, please go..ur healing comments make shuch a difference when we lose one of us...RIP sweet girl Sasha...run with the wind...

several of our NOMS friends need our thoughts and prayers....bute ti ful kitty cats, wood u please go to Jans Funny Farm and read about those friends....

and on a pawsome note, Big dog Charlie iz celebrating his barkday....yeaaa, we had a close call wiff him this year, but hes doing good now...go wish him a happy barkday...

we got lots more, but mama iz tired now, and says no more typing fur 30mins...

b safe,

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Letter to Santa Paws!!!

My Letter to Santa Paws..

Mama says me needs to rite Santa Paws a letter, tellin him whatt me wants fur christmas...well, dats a little hard to do, cause me nots nos who or what a santa paws iz...mama says on christmas eve he brings pressies and treats to good little "furkids"...at my old home me never got anything fur christmas, so me musta been very bad...buttt me has really tried hard to b good since mama and daddy bringed me here...

Me thinks the bridge izz to full now, me not think anymore "kids" shood haff to go..to many of our "angels" r up there now..anddd santa paws, please, help the ones dat iz sick...its no fun being sick, and what did these "kids" do, that they had to git sick anyways...

and santa, if u can, wood u find homes fur all the ones that not has a furever home...a warm place, good foods to eat, where they will haff no worries ever again...and the ones that haff homes, but they r being hurted and not being tooked care of, cood u find them help...fur the ones in the puppy mills, cood u take care of them, till sumone comes to set them free...fur the ones in rescue/shelters can u give them some toys and treats of their very own, so they can no the joy of christmas toooo...

Me wants to add, me wishes dat all of our families is safe, and not git sick...and all our military peeples come home soon, esp Peanut and Flash's daddy!!! and to mama and daddys nephew Brad, come home fur christmas..

as fur me, santa paws, me not need anything, me has sum toys and balls, and me has my mama and daddy..me gits food and gits to go on walkies...sooo me iz a happy dog..


WHattssss ur letter to Santa Paws???

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Stain Award!!!

w00f's all,

me iz soooooo happy, u c what me dided up there, u member me had a pp accident on mama and daddys bed...wellll, Mr Joe Stains, decided it wuz worthy of his very coveted "stain award"...me will display it with honor...

two more doggies got this honor too, little ms stella (stanley's sissy) and ms hershey (huskee's sissy)both wuz awarded wiff it too......me iz shure, like me they iz very proud.....Thank you Joey!!!!!!
b safe,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

From my friends at Diamonds Lair!!

w00f's all,

Me friends at Diamonds Lair, did it again...look at this bute ti ful picksur of me...dat wood make a pawsome Christmas Card...Thank u sooo much me friends...i love all the picksurs u does...

b safe,

pps, me is gettin more and more cards....me has a few ready to send, but me mama has to git sumthing called color ink stuffs b4 me can do anymore...Thank u fur all my cards....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Out Takes of Christmas Picksurs for Christmas Cards!!!

w00f's My Friends,

Just wanted to show u sum of the outtakes of my picksur takin sessions...heehee, me iz pretty good at dodging the camera...

Tonite or tomorrow, will try fur the picksurs beside the christmas tree...ooooooo joyyyy, watt funnnn...

b safe,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


w00f's all,

Me has gotted sum ecards tooo, and me thanks u sooo much......

Luke and Liesel
Ezzy and Jag
Gio and Romeo

Me has gotted a ecard from Marie's 2 pugs toooo, but hotmail iz being nasty and wont lemme open it...me not no y, iz 1st time it ever dided dat...

Me will print the ecards too, when me gets them all hung up around the house..(except the ones me cant print)...

This issss sooo much fun...Lots of new pups and kitties to meet.....

b safe,

Christmas cards!!!!

w00f's all,

heehee , u c that happy doggie, yep that b me...me izz getting cards from me friends from DWB...and do u believe it, they iz mailed to ME!!!!!

My 1st card wuz from Simba, next comed Faya and Little Dyos...and then mama and daddy brung me a whole bunch...from

Joey and Tanner,
Moco, Dawson and Foley
Addie and Zoe
Noah and sissys Lucy, Tess and Willow
JB, PooPoo, Misty and Bear
Homer and his hoomans..
Poppy, Penny, Patches and Lana

Meeee iz soooo happy, thank you all fur the bute ti ful cards...Mama leted me sniff and lick every card....she says we gots to hang them up...Me cant wait till they go back to the post office and git more cards...me tolded mama to git her butt in gear, me had to send me cards off sooooonnnnnn...

b safe,