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Thursday, October 4, 2007

My brudder Bear!!!


woofies all!!! dis is my little brudder Bear....He is about 8 mayb 9 years old...when his peeeples moved and lefted him behind, my daddies couldnt let him starve, sooo he wented over to wheres he wuz to feeds him..He hads a bad cases of the mange, and my daddy tooked care of it for him...finally my mama said to my daddies y not u just moves him over heres, b a lots easiers to take care of...and den Bear wased ours....he thinks hes da king of the hill, errr stud of the hill..him likies allll de little girlie doggys...he likies to play ball, but can only has tennis balls, he killies everthin elses....Bear is our outside guarddog, and me is the indoor guard doggy...

Bear lives for tusdays, dats garbedge pic up day, lol barkies at dat twruck everytime...and everday he waits on da school buses, he likies to bark at those too...hee hee hes a bady doggy sometimes but we lub him...

pp's mama says to tell yas that not that long ago her and daddy haded 6dogs, and 4 kittie cats...2 of da doggys bear and rusty were as mama calls them hand-me-down dogs, one mama tookie cuz her fend lost her home and couldnt keep him anymore, that was oscar....one dog mickey they got at the kill animal shelter..and a fend gave her molly for xmas one year, (molly wuz mean to me). jojo and me, mama gots from fends she worked wiff...heehee jojo and mickeys used to fight for my affectioons...the house still got the scars to prove it...but i iz fixed now, so no problemo...

heehee i better hushes now, this gonna b a longie post...

b safe,
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Kirby said...


Bear looks like a great brudder to have. You are so lucky to have him, and he is very lucky that your family took him in. I hope you two have lots of fun together and you both protect your home, inside and out!!



Girl Girl Hamster said...

Your brother bear looks cute. It's great that you have a big brother to pawtect you

~ Girl girl

Asta said...

Bear looks like a cutie bwuddew..I couldn't have an outside sissy ow bwuddew,cause we don't have an outside..youw Mama and Papa suw awe nice hoomans to take cawe of doggies that no one else wants..some hoomans awe mean,and some like youw fwiend have to give them up,and it's awfully nice to have peoples like youw pawents who have big heawts and help.
LacyLulu,you awe lucky to have such ice pawents and a cute bwuddew too!

What awe you weawing to the pawty???awen't you going to show us??
see you thewe
smoochie kisses
sneep tight

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Ahh....that is so sweet of your Daddy to take over for Bear!! Good will triumph someday, Lacy...it takes people like your parents to fight the battle!!!

Thoughtful barks, Scruffy