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This bloggy is watched over by an angel...angel lacylulu, we love u soooo much, u brought so much joy into our lives...we will miss u always....This blog is now dedicated to her memory!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Update on Hospital...

Hi all,

lacylulu's mama here, thank u all for ur get well wishes...i am doing pretty good...had a dr appointment for last Thursday and my oxygen level was so low that he put me in the hospital...lol i was Not ready for that, i knew i was gettin in trouble with my breathing but thot the antibotics and prednisone would do the job...Dr Joshi had other ideas, with me having COPD and going into respitory failure last June, he was not taking any chances...sooo i had to lay in a hospital bed for 3 days....today i had another cat scan to c if the cancer is growing...wont have the results of that till my dr appointment on the 26th..

on Sat, my neighbor (who drives a transfer truck) ran over our water line and broke pipes...sooo we have had no water since then...We hope to get it worked on and fixed tomorrow....lol, u never know how much u depend on water, until u dont have it...

and third, miss lacylulu has a hemotoma on her left ear...vet appointment is tomorrow...she is really old to give anthesia to, shes 14yrs old...sooo i think mayb try draining the hemotoma out will b our 1st option...hope that works...all those ear infections i think was the cause of that...i did a little checking online to c the options....sooo we will c what happens with that....

since i was recently diagnosed with diabetes, trying to get use to makin all my fingers bleed and taking meds for that, lol i am nuts...they gave me a crash course in what i can eat and what i cant in like 15mins time....i cant remember past yesterday...

soooo, lol we have had a very bad weekend, but we do what we have to...

we have read some of ur bloggys, and mainly didnt comment...just to Chris and her gang on the death of their kitty Fritz.... if u havent been to c them please do, at http://blog.ourdoglog.com/2008/03/tribute-to-fritz.html

Ms lacylulu says b safe, ;)
and I say thanks again for all the well wishes....


Hammer said...

Hi Claudia
We're very sorry to hear you've been having such a terrible time. Hope your CT scan brings good news for you and you get on top of your other health problems. We also hope Lacylulu's haematoma will be fixed up easily and quickly.
Don't worry about visiting Hammer's blog. You need to sort out all your problems and get well. We'll keep checking on you to make certain you are okay.
We'll pop over and say a few words to Chris for Fritz too.
Also, we just love the Candle Fur Hope you have on your blog side bar. I'm going to have to stop blogging a little because I want to finish updating Beau's website and adding the Missing Pets web page to include Haggis, Blue and Boogie. Most of my website visitors are from the USA so you just never know. It can't hurt anyway.
Love from Susan and Hammer and the rest of the gang

Lorenza said...

Hi, Claudia!
I really hope everything goes well with your health. Please, take care of yourself!
Not having water is a nightmare, I know that!
Like our kids say... paws crossed for Lacy Lulu too. I hope she will be fine.
Have a good night

Marla said...

Hugs and prayers being sent your way.

Hana said...

Uh oh. Hospital, tests, C-A-T scan? We hope everything turns out okay. Take care of yourself. We have our paws, fingers, and eyes crossed. Lacylulu, give your Mom a hug from us.

Pippa said...

Hello Lacylulu - sounds like you and your mamma are both in the wars at the moment. Paws crossed for you both and hope things improve.

Pippa xx

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hope your mom is better now Lacy Lulu

~ Girl girl

Maggie & Mitch said...

We're sending LOTS of AireZen your way - for your mom and for you Lacylulu! We hope you both feel better very soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Cassidy said...

We be praying that you all feel better soon, and that your water pipes get fixed fast.

Cassidy x

Thor said...

Hi Lacylulu
I hope you all feel better soon!

Love and licks

Deetz said...

You are absolutely right....we do what we have to do.....prayers, and big ole paw hugs to you

Agatha and Archie said...

We are sending major terrier smoochies filled with healing powers to you both.Plus we are also sending HUGE healing hugs....Love and Kisses A+A and PL2

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Hey guys. Hope you are feeling better. Know how you feel about the diabetes. There are many sites on the internet with information and newsletters dealing with diabetes and diet. It's hard at first but it's important. My mom didn't eat properly cause she had the flu and chemo and ended up in the hospital. Her BG fell to 37. I'm just thankful she survived it all cause my dad isn't the best, timewise, for my feedings. The kitties faired even worse.

C-K-C (worrying about you and lacylulu)

Asta said...

Claudette and LacyLulu
You awe in ouw thoughts and pwayews..I'm sosowwy you have to go thwough so vewy much..it suwe isn't faiw..I pway that the cat scan gets good wesults...and that Lacy Lulu's eaws can be fixed

Mommi sends hew love and Is end my healing smoochie kisses,

Snowball said...

Hi Claudia,

I am sorry that I did not come to visit your blog for the whole week. I read about Lacy passing on Boy and Baby's blog and I saw your update on your health condition.

Respiratory problem cannot be taken ligthly. You should have gone to the doctor sooner.Especially now that you are diagnosed with Diabetes.

My mum has diabetes too. Its not too hard to cope but it will depends on how high the sugar value in your blood. The food pyramid should help on deciding what you should or shouldn't eat. http://health.discovery.com/centers/diabetes/newdiabetes/diettips.html
You can also google for more detailed information.

There are a few things that is very important things that you should always remember. I am sure your doctor must have told you but any way, here is my list:

1. Always carry a few sweets in handbag. Take one when you feel giddy. (get those suitable for diabetic patients) because the medication for diabetes bring the glucose level in your blood down so you might feel giddy at time (e.g: when you miss your meal or exercise etc). The low in glucose level might cause one to faint too so please sit down immediately if you are feeling giddy.

2. NEVER walk outside with bare feet.If you get any wounds on your feet that do not heal please see a doctor. Dun wait too long even when the wounds doesn't hurt. Its better to be safe than sorry.

3. Try to get shoes that cover your toes.

There are others but nothing comes to my mind at the moment. I am sure you already know all about them. The sudden change in living habit might be difficult but you will get used to it.

Take care and good luck. I hope your CT Scan result will be a good one.


Snowball said...

One more thing. If you ever feel your hands and legs being numb all the time, go consult your doctor. This show that the blood is not circulating well.

Most important of all, never take things for granted. Go to the doctor for advice or at least call up the clinic and dun try test your endurance level when you are not feeling well.


Maya and Kena said...

OMD, we are praying so much fur your whole family!
Recently there has been a lot of bad news, and we can't stop crying..
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena